Soooooo, I haven’t updated my blog in a while!

So thought it would be great to do a post on skincare to get back into it!

I get asked what I use on my skin quite a lot; I think a lot of people don’t realise that with skin, sometimes less is more!

At night I simply use a really basic cleanser to remove my make-up – cleanser stays on your face for all of about .. 3 seconds! It’s not long enough for any product to absorb into your skin and work wonders, so ditch the pricey cleansers as they simply aren’t worth it!

Next step – TONE! I like to think of toning as a bit like warming down from the gym (quite proud of this little comparison!) … so you’ve done all the hard work of a full work out (cleansing), now you need to bring that to an end gently and warm down your body (toning). Basically when you cleanse your face you’re opening your pores to remove dirt/sebum, then when you finish, your pores may still have traces of dirt – it’s important to remove the excess with a toner to ensure you don’t get spots! Notice you sometimes get spots above your eyebrows and around your lips? That’s because you probably don’t cleanse your face enough to remove all the makeup/dirt, and when you put your moisturiser on, you’re trapping that dirt and in turn – leads to a big ol’ spot!

SERUM: I think as you get older, serum becomes so much more important. Serum manages to wangle itself into the deeper layers of the skin (much further than a normal moisturiser!) so in turn, provides more benefits to the deeper layers of your skin. Who doesn’t want more plumper looking, hydrated skin? Once you’ve let this sink in you’re onto ..

Last step; moisturise!

If you’re like me and the cold weather has really got to your skin, and the constant going in and out of indoor/outdoor, you’ll notice your skins a bit .. bleughhhhhhhhhh! Things like air conditioning and change in temperature really play havoc with our skin and can dry it out!

What do I recommend? SLAP IT ON, GIRLFRIEND!

Nothing’s more important than moisturising! You can pay £150 for a caviar infused, gold leaf, mineral rich moisturiser (believe me, I’ve been there, done that .. And seen no evidence of results!) .. or £5 for one off the shelf at Superdrug. Sad truth is they’re more than likely made by the same brand somewhere a long the lines – L’oreal now own most brands which means a lot of the stuff is the same, just different packaging!

Hope this is helpful :)

Hannah x